How To Apply Eyelashes

Updated: May 28

Your hair is done, makeup is on, all you have to do is put your lashes on and get dressed.....

Then the drama begins. Your eyes start watering & you get glue on your eye shadow, another 10 mins and you are still trying to put your lashes on, sound familiar..?

Our experts have put together all the latest backstage tips to solve all your lash problems.

These simple backstage tips are used by professionals everyday, and we want to share then with YOU!!!

  1. Gently remove lashes from the tray, Treat them as if they were real eyelashes.

  2. Place the lash on the upper lash line to measure your perfect custom fit.

  3. Cut the lash (If needed) from the outer edge for the most flattering fit.

  4. Using PRO eyelash curlers, place the lashes on the soft bouncy sponge and hold for 30 seconds.

  5. Apply a little mascara to your lashes, to create a good base where your fluffy strip lashes will sit.

  6. Curve the lash band for a super comfy flexible fit.

  7. Apply a thin layer of lash glue directly to the lash band, leave to dry for 20 seconds.Hold the lashes at the fluffy ends with your PRO Applicators, look downwards into a mirror & place the Lash on the lash line.

  8. Holding the fluffy end of the lash with the Applicators press the outer and inner edges into place

  9. Using the Applicators press lashes together to create a seamless finished.

  10. Once dry curl both sets of lashes together with your curlers for an extra lifting effect.

  11. Finally comb the lashes through with a clean spoolie so the lashes intergrate and look just like your own.

These are simple tricks that will level up your glam game, Want to see all the latest pro tips in action? click this link for the full video tutorial.


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