About us


The Lash Company was created in 2020 by a professional make-up artist, Glam obsessed & eco conscious mum, with an interest in how we can ALL help our planet, even just a little. Everything we use and consume impacts this world and its environment, so we need to make sure it remains a beautiful, thriving place for our future generations, while we look beautiful in it.


The beauty industry is responsible for a staggering 79% of waste that ends up in landfills, with only 9% of plastic making it to a recycling centre. Here at The Lash Company, we want to change this, using sustainably sourced materials and packaging where possible and hope that our customers and other brands will join us on our journey.


We pride ourselves on being eco-friendly to the best of our ability, ensuring our products remain completely cruelty free, using recyclable & recycled materials when possible. But we also ensure the highest standards and thrive to provide high end quality products, whilst remaining true to our values. 


Each of our lashes at The Lash Company are handcrafted, using ethical fair-trade standards. Therefore, your lashes will be as unique and individual as you are and you can be rest assured that you are playing your part in protecting our planet, whilst looking glam and beautiful as a result!


We offer a professional & make-up artist discount (MUA) of 60% on all orders over £100, using code MUA60.