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The Eco-False lash company - The Daily Mail

Have you seen TLC in the national Daily Mail News Paper.

The national tabloid featured TLC in its health and wellness checklist on Saturday. Daily mail highlights how you can save on costly lash extension appointments, and still achieve a gorgeous natural hybrid lash look at home for a fraction of the price.



"The Lash Company have come up with an affordable and effective alternative to semi-permanent lashes. Cut down on costly lash extension appointments with these Eco-Friendly, Hybrid-style lashes. TLC’S Lashes are designed to make the look of false lashes unbelievably undetectable.

TLC falsies are super quick and easy to apply with the dream two-in-one liner PRO pen. Apply the pro pen in either clear or jet black, along the lash line. Simply place your false lash on the lash line and watch it stick instantly, just like Velcro. It’s power hold formula gives you wear for up to 24 hours.

No Nasties no fuss, no plastic, all TLC’s lashes are vegan and cruelty free too...'     

                                                                   - Daily Mail Health & wellness Checklist


The National Tabloid also continue to say  "It's no wonder Everyone is obsessing over this new company"


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