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How to apply false eyelashes like a pro

We love the look of fake lashes, but applying them? Not so much. So, determined to figure out how to put on fake eyelashes the right way, we got expert makeup artists to spill their best lash application tips. Read on to learn how to apply false eyelashes like a pro.

And it only takes 30 seconds too  



First choose your lash,  this method works with a super natural strip eyelash or mega volume falsies 

    • MEASURE- to make your lashes super comfy the right length is a must, place the lash on the upper lash line and see if they need to be trimmed.
    • CUT the lash (If needed) from the outer edge for the most flattering fit.
    • GLUE - the Quickest & easiest way to apply glue is with the PRO Pen- it's so easy  Applies in seconds with no drying time at all.
    • APPLY - Simply place your lash on the lash line and watch it stick instantly, Just like velcro.


It's that simple 

You should never feel under glammed these 4 simple false lash application tips will make it so easy.


 Want to see it in action CLICK HERE To follow the video tutorial.

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